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maintenance & REPAIRS

Lighting Maintenance and Repairs

Every landscape lighting system requires maintenance and service over time, but a professionally installed lighting system with regular maintenance checks will have significant issues than systems not installed by a professional company.

The Exo Design team takes precautionary steps during the design and installation phase of a landscape lighting install to protect against future issues that may or may not arise.

Regular maintenance involves an overview of your lighting system to ensure all light bulbs and fixtures are performing correctly, physically accounting for all lights on your system, cleaning of the lenses, removing dirt and debris from the tops of the lighting fixtures, straightening and adjusting the light fixtures and repairing any problem issues discovered.

  • In-ground lighting can become buried or covered up over time and down lighting in trees along with the wiring can be consumed by tree growth if forgotten about and can potentially cause damage to the trees if not checked on a regular basis.

  • Landscapers, lawn and flower bed maintenance crews can unintentionally knock over lighting fixtures or cover them with mulch sometimes where they may stay hidden.


These issues listed above are just a few of the problems that only regular lighting system maintenance checks can and will prevent. Electing regularly scheduled maintenance checks will save you money in the long run and preserve your landscape lighting for many enjoyable years to come. The more time that passes without regular maintenance checks can cause problems or even damage to the system that can take longer to isolate and repair when you do call somebody to fix your landscape lighting.


Maybe you currently have an outdoor lighting system that you are not pleased with or that needs repairs; Exo Design can help you get your system up and running like new whether you are looking for an upgrade, remodel or repair service.


Exo Design strongly suggests to all our customers a scheduled routine of service checks for their lighting systems no matter how large or small.


Regular service checks are the best way to ensure your lighting is operating the way it was designed to when originally installed along with maintaining your satisfaction with your landscape lighting system.


Please contact Exo Design today for a FREE evaluation of your existing landscape lighting system and get enrolled in a maintenance service plan today!

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