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Exo Design is proud to announce its newest product line offering which is outdoor audio. Exo Design strives to offer the best lighting products and mosquito system products in the market place, so it was not a hard decision once we heard and learned about the outdoor audio offered by Coastal Source.


Coastal Source offers one of the best and some would argue that it is the best lighting products in the market place, but there is no argument about whether or not their outdoor audio products are the best. I have heard about the competition and there is no comparison.


This outdoor audio line is simply the best product in the market place today. It is also an extremely easy system to operate and to install. 


Some highlights of this outdoor audio system are below ---


  • No matter what level you listen to music at, this system will deliver distortion-free, balanced sound with all types of music at all volume levels.


  • This sound system is optimized for the outdoor environment by capturing the acoustic advantages of outdoor environments that are not impacted by the unwanted reflections and distortions of sound caused by interior walls.


  • This is not a sound system designed for indoor used outdoors. This system is designed for outdoor use inside and outside. The parts and engineering are designed for outdoor use only and are put through the same rigorous testing measures that their lighting systems are put through to ensure that they are tough enough to fend off corrosion, ultraviolet and thermal damage for years and years.


  • This system only needs a standard 120-volt outlet outside and a streaming device such to feed the music to the system. This system can be installed very quickly and efficiently without having to drill any holes into your home for wiring or to connect to your indoor system. If you prefer to have the system integrated with your indoor system that is also possible.


  • This system can operate through Bluetooth, WI-FI, Sonos plus a few more and if you can play music from your mobile device or current indoor sound system, you can operate the Coastal Source system the same way. Nothing new to learn!


  • The speakers and woofer’s for this system vary in size and power. There are three different woofers’ to select from along with six to eight different speakers to select from. The standard color for all of the audio equipment is bronze and black, but Coastal Source offers a wide variety of color skins so I am positive there is a color for you available!


  • Please contact us today for a FREE consultation and demo of this state of the art audio systems.

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