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Mosquito Systems

There is quite a bit of talk in the news these days about the mosquito bite illnesses that can make a person extremely ill. Why does anyone want to worry about something so depressing?


You do not have too, because Exo-Design has the solution for your concerns. Let Exo-Design design and install an automated mosquito repellant system at your residence that will eliminate those pesky mosquitoes as well as other flying pests such as wasps and those crawling insects such as spiders and ticks.


Automated mosquito systems offer all the following benefits and more ---


  • These systems have been proven to eliminate mosquitoes so your family can enjoy your backyard


  • Other pest control systems are temporary, whereas automated systems are available 24/7, plus when it rains, it can reduce the effectiveness of these temporary solutions, but with our systems, you are only a short wait away from further protection


  • You can pause the system if desired when it sprays and even run extra sprays when needed


  • These systems are programmed to run at certain times, usually early morning and in the evening times when the mosquitoes are active to provide around the clock protection


  • These systems begin eliminating mosquitoes and other pests immediately after installation and installation is usually completed within one day, sometimes in half a day depending on the setup


  • Exo-Design offers a chemical based solution as well as an environmentally safe solution


  • The spray that the risers and nozzles emit is a very fine mist and the duration of the spray is a very short time period, usually only seconds per cycle


  • These systems are not designed to spray during the day when butterfly’s and ladybugs and other beneficial insects and animals are active



Take back your back yard and other outdoor living areas from the mosquitoes, spiders and other pests and contact Exo-Design TODAY for additional information about our automated mosquito repellant systems.

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