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Outdoor Lighting Services

Outdoor lighting is landscape lighting in its simplest terms, but it can mean the lighting on the outdoor of a house as well. Exo Design specializes in low voltage landscape lighting and all the different types of landscape lighting that this term incorporates.


Landscape lighting not only enhances the beauty of your property, but it also increases the value of your residence. Our customers spend their hard-earned money on their property so that they can enjoy it with their family and friends, but, that enjoyment should not stop when it becomes dark outside. Let Exo-Design design and install a landscape lighting package that will accentuate your landscape, no matter the size, and highlight the attributes that make your home yours.


Security lighting is a bonus with landscape lighting. Most customers do not think of landscape lighting as security lighting, but no matter where you live, providing lighting around your house or property is a proven effective deterrent for would-be criminals. PLUS, focusing on lighting up low traffic areas, walkways, entry points and parking areas for visitors decreases the likelihood of somebody falling and hurting themselves on your property.


Mood and Ambiance lighting can be achieved in many ways, but there is something magical about capturing the sight of flowing water within a beautifully crafted water feature or the soft glow of a light reflection across a swimming pool. The shadow effect cast upon the lawn, patio or sidewalks through the limbs and branches from a strategically placed down light up in a tree can be breathtaking, especially when there is a gentle wind and the shadow appears to move across the lawn.


Exo-Design uses only the highest quality of landscape lighting in the market today. Kichler and Coastal Source are the companies that Exo-Design works with and both manufacturers have many different styles and types of lighting to utilize. These manufacturers offer the BEST warranties in the industry today and are continually engineering newer and better products to enhance their product lines.


Exo-Design wants to meet and talk to you to fully understand what you desire so that you are 100% satisfied in the end. Exo-Design is not finished with a lighting installation job or lighting repair job until you are completely satisfied.

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